We provide a wide selection of fresh Asian Sweets made from the finest natural ingredients. Our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and perfected over centuries for your pleasure.

Jalebi - the finest, crispy and juicy Jalebi. One taste and you will hooked on…The best Jalebi in the UK as rated by our customers.

Barfi - plain, pistachio, coconut, cherry, walnut, chocolate, beson, gajar (carrots). Or try our exquisite khoya barfi for the ultimate taste sensation.

Syrup Sweets - a variety of chum chums and gulab jamans. For a slight twist you can have them with fresh cream. What about the Bangladeshi favourite – Rasgullas.
Falsa, a bite sized mixture of chum chum and gulab jaman balls. A childrens favourite.

Baklawa - an extensive range of Arab sweets made from crispy flaky pastry, nuts, shredded wheat and honey. They can be mixed with Asian sweets in a selection box or bought in beautifully laid out gift platter.

Halwa - we have perfected the art of making halwa. For your pleasure we have suji halwa and habshi halwa. It doesn’t matter if its black or white that takes your fancy, you are guaranteed a tasty delight.

For something different why not try our ‘Gajar Halwa (Gajrella)’ with its tantalising chips of pure khoya for that luxuriously creamy taste.

Or, why not try the real taste of the East, the ‘Soan Halwa’, a thin round crunchy, crispy and nutty tikki, which once eaten with a hot cup of tea, is the true taste of paradise.

Rasmalai - Why not try our hot seller - soft white round milk curds soaked in our specially cooked thick and creamy fresh milk and flavoured with the finest quality cardamoms, and finally sprinkled with the highest quality of pistachios carefully selected to give it that exquisite taste. An appetising and mouth-watering delicacy.